On the Way

We have all been created for a purpose. Each of us has a yearning inside to fulfill that destiny. To be the best “me” we can be. But for some of us, life happens and we get de-railed from that purpose; or maybe we feel like we have always been searching for that thing we know we were meant to do.  I personally believe that we have an eternal destination with God to look forward to. However, as a human being, I recognize the importance of making the most of this journey on earth as well. How we live our life on the way to our destination, matters.

Whether you feel stuck in your journey or are  just starting out, a coach is a great tool to help you achieve success in your goals. Maybe you are still trying to figure out what your goals are. A coach can help you determine and attain your goals through a variety of strategies, motivation, and support. While I cannot make your journey for you, as a guide I can help you plan the best path to take, co-assess your abilities and resources for greater success, and support you all the way (especially when times get tough!). Journeying with someone gives us more courage and strengthens our resolve when things get hard. A coach means you are not alone.

To believe in something greater than ourselves means we understand we are not the center of it all, but just one piece of the puzzle. Being on the way means we have not yet arrived. We are all a work in progress. This approach focuses on making the most of each lady’s journey by discovering her unique gifts and passions and aligning these with her strengths and abilities to define her distinct purpose in life.