About Liz

Hello and welcome to Coaching HER! I am a professional counselor, board certified life coach, personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and champion of women! I’ve named my company Coaching 4 HER because I believe in a whole body wellness approach that recognizes the need for balance in each of the 4 areas of our lives- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. While my services may be used to address a specific concern you currently have, they are offered with the framework of an open mind and the awareness that you are a complex and beautiful person.

I personally love being challenged and inspired and am always honored when I get to be that for someone else.  This is why my life’s work is geared towards mentoring, teaching, and training others to live purposeful and fulfilling lives. I earned my Master’s degree in counseling and spent the majority of six years speaking and teaching overseas in Australia, Africa, Thailand, India, and South America. After working overseas, I came back to the states and spent five years working directly with teenagers and parents in a residential programs as a counselor, coach, and mentor. Since then I’ve created my own business working with women of all ages and backgrounds to discover their dreams, address their obstacles and concerns, and create a fulfilling life.

Admittedly, I am a work in progress and believe it is my own unique blend of experience and training, mixed with a huge dose of God’s grace, which has led me to successfully assist women in living out their life: Healthy, Empowered, and Redeemed.